Advocating for workers’ rights

The Law Office of Nina Baumler litigates employment cases in state and federal court, exclusively representing employees.

Ms. Baumler fights to combat wage theft in some of the most exploited industries in Southern California.  Recent cases have included recovery of wages for security guards, warehouse workers, cargo agents, car wash workers, caregivers, and residential apartment managers.   Ms. Baumler also represents clients in enforcement actions, including fraudulent transfer and successor liability cases.

If you need assistance with any of the following, please call to arrange a consultation:

•    Not being paid minimum wage or overtime wages;
•    Being denied meal and/or rest breaks;
•    Misclassified as an exempt employee;
•    Wrongfully terminated;
•    Discrimination at work;
•    Harassment at work;
•    Inability to collect on wage judgment;
•    Negotiating a severance agreement;
•    Negotiating terms of employment agreement; or
•    Denial of unemployment insurance benefits

Litigation cases are handled on a contingency basis.

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